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March 07 2017


I am a simple person.

I am a simple person.

I always thought I was an easy person. Just being me. But people kept telling me, that I am complicated & strange. That it is impossible to understand me. After all that happened, I think they might be right. But what’s the big deal anyway? Can’t I just be me? Can’t I just be strange & complicated? Why is it a problem to anyone? I am not here to please anybody. I do my best to avoid people who…

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October 15 2016


Rezension: The Secrets of Egypt (Joana Saahirah)

Rezension: The Secrets of Egypt (Joana Saahirah)

Joana Saahirah: The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life and Beyond: A Journey of Death and Rebirth in the Country of the Pyramids (englisch) Herausgeber: AuthorHouseUK, 9. Januar 2014 Rezension von Simone Gerstgrasser Ein Buch über Träume und Visionen und über die Kraft, Ausdauer und den Mut, sie zur Realität werden zu lassen…… nach dem Motto: “Lebe deinen Traum….” Joana, gebürtige Portugiesin, ist…

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September 21 2016


Thoughtful Regrets

I thought I found love. I thought I found God. But it was nothing and now it is gone.

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September 19 2016

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Today in Potsdam, http://ift.tt/2cFEigX

September 17 2016

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Today in Potsdam http://ift.tt/2cFEigX uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

September 16 2016

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Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2crDxak uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2cZydA0 uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2crEL5k uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2cZyxi2 uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

0665 2811

Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2crDwTJ uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

0687 2108

Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2cZywL0 uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

0698 f620

Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2crDMCf uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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Foto: Nano Wak http://ift.tt/2crDsTW uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

August 19 2016

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Tired #HippiePrincess http://ift.tt/2bI8tGB uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

August 11 2016

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Fun Belly Dance Improvisation with a guitarist http://ift.tt/2aUZY9C uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

August 09 2016

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I think #hats are way too underrated. I definitely need more in my #wardrobe
#Fashion #Style #Fall #Autumn http://ift.tt/2aC2nTi uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

August 08 2016

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Color of the day: Raspberry Leila Yuliyah.

August 05 2016

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Still blossoming #LeilaYuliyah #FreeBellyDancer #FlowerPower #love http://ift.tt/2aAcriH uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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Very nice here #deutschland #de http://ift.tt/2aA7tlN uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

August 03 2016

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Ohhhh Yesssss! http://ift.tt/2aiieuF uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

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