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July 23 2016

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Current Mood #berlin #ghetto #deutschland #de http://ift.tt/2agLsb7 uploaded by Leila Yuliyah.

July 22 2016

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Classic Open Air was absolutely wonderful. Thank you #berlin for being my capital

July 21 2016

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Classic Open Air was absolutely wonderful. Thank you #berlin for being my capital Leila Yuliyah.

July 17 2016


Wie finde ich einen Bauchtanzkurs in meiner Nähe?

Wie finde ich einen Bauchtanzkurs in meiner Nähe?

Du hast auf einer Feier oder im Urlaub eine Bauchtänzerin gesehen und warst sofort hin und weg? Du hast gehört, der Orientalische Tanz hilft bei Rückenschmerzen oder Menstruationsbeschwerden? Eine Freundin oder Kollegin hat dich neugierig gemacht und du willst nun herausfinden, was so besonders ist am “weiblichsten” aller Tänze? Kurz: Du möchtest Bauchtanz lernen und suchst einen Kurs in deiner…

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July 07 2016

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Good Morning & Welcome to all new Followers :), http://ift.tt/29qtKCk

July 06 2016

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I like green so much :), http://ift.tt/29v2cMW

July 05 2016

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My favorite rock. So mighty!, http://ift.tt/29tETV4

July 04 2016

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an alle TänzerInnen, die beim
Tag der Tänze am 2. Juli ihre Gruppen präsentiert haben :

Pony, Schmetterlinge, Dancequeens, Powerteam,SubCity, Bedaia, Yubita, Tanzpaare,
sowie meine KollegInnen
Kersten, Lena, Leila Yuliyah
das großartige Publikum
für die Unterstützung mit viel Applaus !!!

Ihre Elena Wähnert, http://ift.tt/29dhkyZ

July 01 2016


There goes my heart

There goes my heart

Yesterday I found a piece of your heart. I think you lost it in Berlin. I have it in my pocket now taking it everywhere. It is safe with me. It was lost and lonely, but I found it! Actually that’s wrong! It is MY heart! I just wanted to share it with you. I wanted to share EVERYTHING with you. Now I will drop it in the lake. Maybe some day some one will come who can see it’s actual worth! He will…

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June 27 2016

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June 26 2016

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Are you ready, pirates?, http://ift.tt/291Qwkt

June 24 2016

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Half Dreaming, Half Waking

Again I am full of fear and doubt. But I don’t feel comfortable to talk about it.

June 17 2016

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The Power of Despair

I am not afraid of your darkness. I am safe in it. I am not afraid of your silence.

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Could you be mad at us? :D #sisters, http://ift.tt/1PxrX9T

June 10 2016

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On my Own

I think I lost my mind in that dark room. But I feel so much better without it.

June 09 2016

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2012 Asia Fusion, http://ift.tt/1PKRBgS

June 06 2016

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Hybride sind die besseren Mutanten! Apocalypse Now!, http://ift.tt/1U8wqFz

June 05 2016

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10 years ago :O Or was it yesterday?
#bellydance, http://ift.tt/25GZb3q

June 03 2016



Leila Yuliyah Lips
When you left, the music stopped. Yes, it stopped. Now everything around me is silence. You were my melody. I heard it all the time. I felt it from inside you. Wherever I went, whatever I did, your music was with me. It started when I woke up and was with me all the day. It even followed me into my dreams. Now you’re gone and I am surrounded by silence. I can’t hear your heartbeat and I can’t…

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